DIY and Gardening. Since When Have I Become So Middle Aged

Making the most of the ‘Lockdown’

So, I’ve not been working as much. Recently gone down to a 3 day week for a month or two due to the Coronavirus. It’s been all DIY and gardening

On the flip side it’s given my wife and I more time to plan and work on our house. We moved in on valentine’s day 2019 and have a rough plan of which rooms we would like to do, in which order. Not really thinking about our gardens till the house is done.

Well, that’s all changed. The weather in the UK in April has been the sunniest on record. As you can imagine I’ve spent almost 4 days a week weeding, chopping down bushed, mowing the lawns, just being in gardens.

On top of that, we have started getting together the designs to decorate our dining room. Just need to get rid of the existing decor first.

Never knew I would enjoy becoming middle aged so much.

There is a down side to all this DIY and gardening. Our local council has reduced the waste collection bin and days they are actually collecting. They have also closed the recycling centres so you can’t take your rubbish anywhere.

I’ve got piles of branches everywhere from trimming the bushes and trees. I’ve bags of grasses clipping hidden under hedges. The driveway is full of rock and bricks from where I knocked down the old walls and built new dry stone walls.

We now have started accumulating bags of wallpaper we have been stripping off the dining room walls. It’s getting to be a bit of a junk yard to be fair.

I was mowing the lawn Friday evening and noticed my next door neighbour had a skip delivered. He was in a similar boat to me, after going through his garage he had that much old junk he decided just to get rid of it.

What a great idea. I thought the skip companies weren’t working. I was so wrong. They are having one of their busiest periods.

Yesterday I got a list of 12 skip companies that deliver to the area I live in. I put their enquiry email address into a new compose message in Outlook. Created a quick “how much for a medium skip” email, to get a few quotes together and sent the emails using Outflash.

Will give it a day or two and check the open rates on the email to see who may get back to me.

If you would like to know more about how to use Outflash? Check out our support and FAQs page.

Hopefully I will get a great price. Wish me luck



Originally published at on May 8, 2020.



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