• Ivan Spoljaric

    Ivan Spoljaric

    Software Developer @ Comsysto Reply | Working with JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Angular, Vue, NodeJS | Remote Worker | Electrical Engineer | Lifelong Learner

  • Amol Chavan

    Amol Chavan

    I eat, breath,sleep Site Hustle at https://bit.ly/2VAwwNN Grab my FREE eBook-> https://bit.ly/39eTKwG

  • Abdisalan Mohamud

    Abdisalan Mohamud

    Software Engineer, YouTuber, Tech Blogger. (he/him) More about here -> https://linktr.ee/abdisalan

  • Jeff Svicarovich

    Jeff Svicarovich

    Home textiles openmakers.io/jeffsvicarovich

  • Ann Storr

    Ann Storr

    Brand storyteller helping creative agencies & SMEs to craft stories that deliver. Food | Sustainability | Science | Families | Neurodiversity | Relationships.

  • Domenico Nicoli

    Domenico Nicoli

    Backend Developer (C#, VB.NET, Microsoft SQL Server), iOS developer (Swift). Parma, Italy ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น https://linkedin.com/in/domenico-nicoli-5738ba15a

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