TT #008: Outsource to Grow Your Side Hustle?

Working 18 Hours A Day

Unfortunately, this isn’t sustainable, I’ve had times where I’m completely worn out.

Outsource 101: The Who, Not The How

One thing I’ve started doing is looking through my to-do list and seeing what tasks I can outsource.

The E-Myth Revisited: The Outsource Bible

It comes back to “work on your business not in your business“.

“Inbox Zero” For Your To-Do List

I thinking like this to get my to-do list down to zero and get things I’ve been putting off done. Can I use my credit cards to get it all completed in record time, test out what I’ve built, and go from there? What would life be like if you had all your tasks done in 6 weeks, without having to spend hours doing it all yourself?



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Phillip Hughes

Phillip Hughes

Tech entrepreneur and side hustler. Founder of and Loves fishing. Plays guitar. Enjoys exercise.